Automobile Exhaust Tubing

Automobile Exhaust Tubing Automobile Exhaust Tubing

Our automobile exhaust tubing is made of 409 stainless steel. 410L, 436L, 441 and 444 stainless-steel-made exhaust pipes are also available. Compared with austinite pipes, 409 exhaust piping shows better thermal conductivity. It provides more favorable thermal expansion coefficient than austinite in response to thermal fatigue.

In order to achieve a high mechanical capacity, stablizing element titanium has been added to the welded pipe. Thanks to its stability and relatively low price, our automobile exhaust tubing can be widely used in exhaust manifold and silencer of automobile exhaust system.

Our company is an experienced automobile exhaust tubing manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include stainless steel slot tube, stainless steel staircase post, stainless steel handrail bracket, boiler heat exchanger tube A249, and many other stainless steel products.

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