• Stainless Steel BalusterThe balustrade offers different customer-specified heights ranging from 850mm to 1200mm. A plastic bag is used to pack the baluster. All the ordered balusters will come together in a standard export carton. Our stainless steel baluster is widely applied in indoor and outdoor stairs, balconies, window sills, overpasses, streets, and swimming pools to protect passers-by from danger.
  • Handrail FittingsThe main function of our handrail fittings is to connect the handrail with the post, decorate the railing system, facilitate hand rail installation, etc.
    The handrail fitting comes in a wide variety of heights ranging from 25mm to 50.8mm. It is made of SS201, SS304, or SS316 through casting and punching. It can be given surface treatments...
  • Stainless Steel Handrail ElbowOur company is ISO9001-2000 qualified. It produces round and square stainless steel handrail elbows. The outside diameter of the round type ranges from OD19mm to OD 300mm. There are also square types. Their size ranges from 25mm×25mm to 50mm×50mm. Multiple thickness options from 1mm to 3mm are available.
  • Stainless Steel Decorative Railing CapThe decorative railing cap comes in four varieties, determined by its material: SS201, SS301, SS304, or SS316. Its surface can be supplied with a satin finish, a golden finish, or polishing.
    As decorative accessory installed at the bottom of the baluster, it is able to cover the uneven floor surface caused by handrail installation. It also creates a tidy and graceful look.
  • Stainless Steel Handrail End CapOur stainless steel handrail end cap is made of SS201, SS304, or SS316. It can fit tubes or handrails from 25mm to 102mm in diameter. Its thickness ranges from 0.2mm to 2mm.
    The surface of stainless steel handrail end cap can be given a range of treatments to achieve hairline and satin finish, mirror finish, or golden finish. It is made through casting and...
  • Stainless Steel Handrail BracketThe handrail support is designed for fixing a stainless steel handrail or a wooden handrail to the wall. On one end of the support, there is a flat baseboard which will be attached to the wall. Onto the other end of the support, a handrail will be mounted. Our handrail support is mainly used for wall mount, handrail mount in indoor and outdoor project.
  • Stainless Steel Handrail Supports The stainless steel handrail support is used to help connecting handrails to balusters. It features high flexibility and convenient installation. It is suited for applications in stair case or balcony of a house, building, shopping mall and many other indoor and outdoor projects.
    Every individual product item will be put in a PVC plastic bag. Then all the ordered...

Our balustrade is usually applied with handrails and other fittings. They come together to form an integrated guardrail system which can help protect the safety of passers-by. The baluster is mainly introduced for applications in indoor and outdoor staircases, balconies, window sills, overpasses, streets, swimming pools, etc.

Our balustrade is available in a variety of lengths ranging from 800mm to 1500mm. Its surface can be supplied with shiny finish. It can also be applied with glass, tube and wire. The balusters are usually packed in a standard export carton.

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Our company also provides handrail elbows, trims, decorative railing caps, end caps, brackets, supports and other variety of stair fittings. Those products can be applied with handrails and balusters in guardrail installation.

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