Aluminum Stair Handrail Post

Aluminum Stair Handrail Post

The aluminum stair handrail post offers various height options ranging from 850mm to 2000mm. It is made of high quality aluminum. It can be used in combination with glass panel and steel wire. It also can be supplied with satin finish. Each individual handrail post is put in a plastic bag. All the ordered items will be packed together in a standard export carton.

Compared with other types of handrail post, our aluminum type features a lightweight structure and a tidy appearance. It is easy to install and has found wide applications in houses, hotels, shopping malls and many other indoor environments.

We are an experienced aluminum stair handrail post manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide array of products, including crystal stair handrail post, stainless steel slot tube, handrail fittings, stainless steel tent nail, and more.

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