Staircase Post / Handrail Post

  • Stainless Steel Staircase PostOur stainless steel staircase post features good reliability and a shiny appearance. It is made of quality stainless steel such as SUS201 or SUS304. Due to the desirable material features of stainless steel including high hardness and tenacity, the post can have a good impact-resistant performance. Thanks to its rust- and corrosion-resistant characteristics, it can retain a bright and...
  • Stainless Steel and Wood Staircase PostCompared with general stainless steel staircase post, the stainless steel and wood staircase post features a more brilliant look. Its smooth stainless steel material goes well with the solid natural textured wood. They come together to create a warm decoration effect. It is not suitable for outdoor environment due to issue with water resistance and weather resistance.
  • Crystal Stair Handrail PostThe crystal stair handrail post is supplied with various height options from 840mm to 1100mm. It can be given surface treatments to achieve hairline satin finish, mirror finish or golden finish. It is packed in a plastic bag. The handrail post is mainly applied in indoor project. It can be applied with steel wire and steel tubes as well.
  • Aluminum Stair Handrail PostThe aluminum stair handrail post offers various height options ranging from 850mm to 2000mm. It is made of high quality aluminum. It can be used in combination with glass panel and steel wire. It also can be supplied with satin finish. Each individual handrail post is put in a plastic bag. All the ordered items will be packed together in a standard export carton.

Our staircase post offers multiple height options ranging from 500mm to 1500mm. It can be supplied with material SS201 or SS304. Its surface can be given special surface treatment to achieve hairline satin finish, mirror finish or golden finish. The stair case is able to be applied with glass, tube and wire. It is suited for applications in houses, buildings, shopping malls, and many other inside and outside projects. Ordered product items are packed in a standard export carton.

The staircase post is a support pillar connecting between stair treads and handrails. It plays a very important role in the guardrail system. The handrail post produced by our company comes in four varieties to meet the requirements of different styles and occasions. These are stainless steel staircase post, stainless steel and wood staircase post, crystal stair handrail post, and aluminum stair handrail post.

Staircase Post / Handrail Post Staircase Post / Handrail Post Staircase Post / Handrail Post

The handrail post is available with either a surface mount or direct burial installation. The latter is more acceptable to customers since it creates a beautiful and natural look. Handrails can be mounted after the post installation. And then the rest procedures will follow.

As a professional staircase post / handrail post manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer an extensive line of products, including stainless steel tube, balustrade, stainless steel decorative fittings, and more.

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