Stainless Steel Sheet / Sheet Steel

Stainless Steel Sheet / Sheet Steel Stainless Steel Sheet / Sheet Steel Stainless Steel Sheet / Sheet Steel

The stainless steel sheet comes in two types, determined by its width and length: 4 inch×8 inch or 4 inch×10 inch. It offers various thickness options ranging from 0.25mm to 20mm in order to suit different occasions. It is made through the process of cold rolling, annealing and flattening. Its surface can be supplied with 8K finish, 2B finish, satin finish, black titanium finish, satin titanium finish or titanium finish.

Our sheet steel features high quality and prompt delivery. ASTM, AISI, JIS, and DIN standards can be reached. It normally takes 5 to 10 days for the products to be delivered.

The stainless steel sheet is a common construction raw material that users can utilize to produce a wide variety of products. It has a smooth flat surface featuring good plasticity, high tenacity and mechanical strength. Thanks to its good resistance to corrosion of acidic and alkaline gases, solutions and other mediums, the sheet is able to maintain a bright and tidy look even after long use. Thus far our sheet steel has been used as raw materials for doors, sinks and trays. It has also found wide applications in architectural decoration, architectural material and kitchen supplies.

As an experienced stainless steel sheet / sheet steel manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide stainless steel decorative fittings, stainless steel staircase post, boiler heat exchanger tube A249, stainless steel baluster, and more.

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